Temperature Controlled Trucking

Specialized Services Logistics has a growing reputation as a strong temperature-controlled asset carrier. Whether your shipping needs are frozen products, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or any other temperature sensitive product, you can rely on Specialized Services Logistics.

On-time delivery, scalable capacity, and product integrity are supported through CarrierWeb Communications, experienced professionals, and our transportation management system (TMS) customized to your specific needs.


Specialized Services Logistics services its customers through the following areas:

  • National – Long haul truckload service
  • Trans-border Canada – Shipment in-and-out of Canada
  • Regional – Short haul truckload service in the Midwest, East Coast, and South East
  • Local – Chicagoland shuttle pick-ups and deliveries
  • Dedicated – Tailor-made services dedicating trucks and drivers to specific customer needs
  • Airport Pick-ups & Deliveries – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Driver certification allowing pick-ups and deliveries at US airports
  • Multi-Stop – Multiple pick-up shipments and multiple delivery shipments

Specialized Services Logistics services a variety of industries, most notably food, pharmaceuticals, and floral.